"and We have created you in pairs"
Al Qur'an 78:8
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My wife does not offers prayers and disobeys me most of the time. I have always been helping her in managing the home like I cook sometimes, look after our 3 year old daughter, take her to shop, to her parents and parks and spends on what ever she desires but I am still being disobeyed. I work from home online in the evening and during that time she yells at the kid and sometimes disturbs me by a...
Children as young as 8 years have started speaking lies even though they are repeatedly being warned of the punishment of Allah. How can we deal with it?
An unmarried girl wants to marry her colleague as both of them work together and know each other well. The issue is, the guardians of the girls are ready to get her married to the same boy but the boy’s parents refuse this relation as the girl does not belong to their caste and tribe. They overlook the rest of the good qualities that the girl harbours in her nature and manners. The girl want...
My young son studies in an Islamic school. Yesterday, after he came back from the school he asked us if we knew about Islamic months.   It was embarrassing for us that we could not name more than two Islamic months. Can You please let us know about the origin of Islamic months and its importance ?  ...
I received a proposal through a relative and we were allowed to know each other. After knowing, I approved of this guy to get married to as his character pleased me. When my family started further enquiring they found his income was not comfortable to them and they declared that he wouldn't be able to keep me happy. And this has disturbed me really. I mean I found all that I needed, Alha...

yes, health is a blessing, but do you preserve it or risk it?

The best provision is Taqwa, so fear Me, O people of intelligence, (al Baqarah, verse 197)

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) used to encourage his companions to  recite the above supplication on a regular basis. Allah has mentioned the virtues of Taqwa and encouraged us to ask Allah to provide us Taqwa. There are two popular supplications asking Allah for Taqwa.

Allahumma Inni As’aloka, al huda,  wattuka, wal afafa, wal Ginah.

O Allah I ask you to give me  Hidaya, Taqwa, steadfastness and Independence from others.

Allahumma ati nafsi taqwaha wa zakkiha anta khairu man zakkaha, anta waliyuha wa moulaha.

Taqwa is to protect one’s self from those things which can be destructive for your health, wealth, character and life. We are commanded to perform those deeds that will strengthen our faith, build taqwa and increase our guidance.

The foundation of strong faith is based upon five things, and of them is protection of health. One should keep himself away from those things which will ...