"and We have
created you in pairs"


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Single Parent Profiles
30 Years :: Single Parent :: Kenya
I am a practising Muslimer I do love truth and ofcourse a terribly hate lies. I am simple and...
36 Years :: Single Parent :: United Kingdom
I am a hardworking individual whose Been through alot of test n trials I have 4 children from...
42 Years :: Single Parent :: Philippines
The first and foremost important thing in Life that can help a believer live the life in an Islamic...
41 Years :: Single Parent :: United Arab Emirates
I am one of the beautiful creation of Allah who always reminds myself that I am a visitor in this...
33 Years :: Single Parent :: United Kingdom
Assalamu-alaikum All praise belongs to The One who created everything. I have alot to be grateful...
28 Years :: Single Parent :: United States of America
I am a relatively calm person. I do have change in moods most are pleasant. Just sometimes I get...
36 Years :: Single Parent :: Pakistan
I am a fair n simple person. Very much truth worthy, trust worthy person. I know how to carry...
42 Years :: Single Parent :: Australia
Am naturally a happy person and so is the environment at my home. We greet morning with a smile and...
49 Years :: Single Parent :: Uganda
Am a Practicising Moslem who wants to live life to its maximum. I love being surrounded by happy...
Polygyny Profiles
32 Years :: Polygyny :: Saudi Arabia
Hello asalmualykum. I’m quite a tall person who is skinny. I am really knowledgeable about...
27 Years :: Polygyny :: Mauritania
If Allah ta 'Ala enables me, I want to emulate the Salaf. After a little over 10 years as a...
42 Years :: Polygyny :: Qatar
A practicing Muslim with religious, educated respective, good financial and political family...
42 Years :: Polygyny :: Pakistan
I am practising Muslim. Interested in polygamy. This website has some shortcomings in describing...
41 Years :: Polygyny :: India
Rasoolullah ﷺ said: “This world is just temporary conveniences, and the best comfort in...
52 Years :: Polygyny :: India
I am an happy person, social and helping to needy people and impart skilled base education other...
52 Years :: Polygyny :: United Arab Emirates
I am practicing muslim, love to have fun with my spouse and share every thing with her. I an...
43 Years :: Polygyny :: Pakistan
I am practicing Muslim Trying to submit my 100 will to Allah subhan wa tallah with some short...
38 Years :: Polygyny :: Saudi Arabia
Assalamu 'alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, I was born and raised in Hyderabad, my mother...


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Reviving the forgotten Sunnah

Ibn Mas’ood (Allah be pleased with him) said:

"If I only had ten days to live and I knew that I would die at the end of them, and I had any desire to get married, I would get married, for fear of fitnah (temptation)."

Among the virtues of marriage are righteous children raised with good morals and faith who will be Sadaqah Jariyah (ongoing charity) for the parents after their death.

Whatever the circumstances you are in now there is the chance to find companionship and comfort again.

Join this virtuous cause and help yourself and others find their better half.

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Nikah a marriage
for khayr
In this crowded market of Muslim matrimony websites, there is an ignored category of Muslim Divorcees, Widows, Single Parents, Unmarried Ageing Singles and New Muslims.

There is no exclusive platform for these selected individuals which helps them express their voice and promote their profiles.

mybetterhalf.com is glad to be a part of a Muslim matrimonial service for the community.

We invite you to be a part of this social cause and choose one of the prospective muslim life partners for you.

We have extensive portfolios of educated and practicing Muslims ranging from multiple age groups, race and countries who are continuously supplicating to begin a new family.

Your journey to pick your companion ‘For this World and the Hereafter’ begins.
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Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said: “O people, seek repentance from Allah. Verily, I seek repentance from Him a hundred times a day.”

[Sahih Muslim 2702 b]

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Friday Khutba

The Listening capacity as a Blessing

Listening attentively is one of the etiquette of listening and a display of gratefulness towards the blessings of Allah. When a person is addressing you, do not show boredom, restlessness or irritation on your face. The speaker will be happy and satisfied of being heard. Only after listening completely you can be able to respond correctly.  

 Khawla (Allah be pleased with her) came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and complained that her husband had committed Zihar with her. In the days of ignorance, when a man wanted to harass his wife, he did not divorce her but used to say, “You are (haram) like my mother to me.” Khawla’s husband did it to her. She complained, “My youth has passed away serving my husband and our children, and now he has does zihar with me.” The lady went on complaining on and on and kept on persisting about her case asking for justice. The Prophet (peace be upon him) remained quiet and listened to her attentively without intervening in between.  Aisha (Allah be pleased with her) who  narrated this incident, said that she was sitting in the next room listening to the persisting pleading of the lady and the Prophet (peace be upon him) remained quiet on the issue (waiting for Allah’s revelation).

It is a part of good manners not to interrupt when someone is talking to us and it is a way of honouring a person when we listen to him or her attentively

It was then Allah revealed the first few verses of  Surah Mujadilah in favour of her and reprimanding men who do zihar with their wives. While the lady was pleading with the Prophet (peace be upon him) Allah was attentively listening to her. “Certainly Allah has the heard the speech of the one who argues with you concerning her husband and directs her complaint to Allah. 

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Social Blogs
Are you considering a marriage...
Islamic marriage sites and muslim marriage sites are over piled up with the profiles of widows (with and without children). One may consider hosting widows in your homes even as first wife or one wife. An entry of a matured lady can sort out many issues in the family which cannot be done by professional...
Priceless Couples who never say...
The family is of four people. Two sons and a pair of parents. The difference is :There is a handicap son who cannot move. He is like a living vegetable. He is absolutely depended upon his parents...They give him a wash, they cleanse him, they dress him.This is a daily routine for past 20 years! I...
Will you not Accept her!
Many Muslim men pass over the profiles of revert Muslimah and ignore them for marriage when they search for a spouse in a Muslim marriage website. They prefer a girl with an Islamic background or Muslim parents, but Reverts deserve more than sympathy She rejected her belief She would not worship her Gods any more She walked out of...