"and We have created you in pairs"
Al Qur'an 78:8
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28 Years :: Single Aged 26+
I'm practising Alhamdulillah. I am honest in my way of living. I don't usually get angry. Always try to be helpful to others....
30 Years :: Single Aged 26+
United States of America
A little about my background: Alhamdulillah, *raised in an Islamic household and around Muslim relatives *Born and raised in the USA *Lived abroad for 9 years starting...
35 Years :: Divorcee
United Arab Emirates
I am a very fun loving and a witty being. I am an independent woman who has a family to take care of .. Alhamdulilah....
29 Years :: Single Aged 26+
Assalam U Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. I am a practising muslimah striving hard every day to better myself. I love helping people in whatever ways...
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Is Istikhara responded in the form of a dream? There is a question about a boy...
A popular myth about Istikhara... Do Istikhara at night. Then go to sleep expecting a dream that will unfold the istikhara and if you do not see the dream then do Istikhara again the next day and wait again till you see a dream. Continue this till you see a dream. And when they do not see a dream they give up. This is a trap. Istikhara was performed by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)...
These days there are many difficulties arising due to Joint family System which also leads...
“These are the boundaries of Allah do not trespass it. Whoever crosses over the boundaries set up by Allah is a wrongdoer” (Al Baqarah) Joint family is a common trend in Indian subcontinent... A very common trend in the Indian Sub-continent is that married sons with their wives and children continue to stay with their parents. In many homes, even if children seek permission from parents to stay separate and establish their homes, the parents do not permit them. At times, due...
How to motivate a child to be regular in prayers?
Praise be to Allah. We know quite well that once children cross over 10 years of age they should be made to pray five times. But that is not enough, because the real concern is how to make them passionate about being committed to their duties towards worship. The best example is the example of Prophet (peace be upon him) Indeed in the messenger is the best example for you to follow.(Al Ahzab- verse 21). There are two ways to develop a...
Friday Khutba
And among His signs is that He has created mates for you from yourselves, so that you may find tranquility in them. And We have developed Affection and Mercy between you (both). Indeed in it, is a sign for a people who ponder. (Al-Rum, 31:21) The above verse speaks volumes about husband-wife relations, in a bunch of words. The most important binding factor and one that preserves the love between the couples is loyalty and trustworthiness. Peace, tranquility and comfort...