"and We have created you in pairs"
Al Qur'an 78:8
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43 Years :: Divorcee
Looking for someone who is fearful of Allah, who worships Allah, who practises Islam from the Qur'an and sunnah....
28 Years :: Single Aged 26+
I'm practising Alhamdulillah. I am honest in my way of living. I don't usually get angry. Always try to be helpful to others....
31 Years :: Single Aged 26+
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatahu. I am a practicing Muslims. I love reading and gardening. I am a caring, loving person....
40 Years :: Single Aged 26+
Saudi Arabia
I consider myself a moderate muslimah who abides by the basic pillars of islam, reads Quran, wears hijab and is looking for someone within the...
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QnA Corner
Does the tasting of food break the fast of a woman or a cook?
This is a very sensitive question and a very careful answer is being drafted. Generally, tasting food in the state of fasting should not be a routine but in certain cases like a chef working in the kitchen of a hotel or restaurant who has to cook for hundreds, or a woman whose husband is fussy about the taste and amount of salt and spice, or a daughter in law whose mother in law is very strict about the taste...
What is the ruling about offering sacrifice on Eid ul Ad’ha by a person who...
There can be different type of debts in our society. One type is: a person is comfortably rich enough to run is life, yet he has taken a loan to expand his business. For him, Hajj, zakat and sacrifice on Eidul Ad’ha is compulsory. He his obliged to fulfill them. The second type of debt is upon a person who has borrowed money under dire need and he cannot afford to buy a sacrificial animal. For him, he has to opt...
My family celebrates 15th night of Sha'baan as Eid for the Deceased. They decorate, cook...
Unfortunately, 15th night of Sha’ban has been wrongly singled out for worship. There is no evidence for the nawafil that people offer on 15th night of Sha’ban, in any Sahih hadith, nor in the lives of companions of Prophet. In support for their all night worship, the people quote many hadith, which in actuality are either fabricated, or Da’eef (weak in narration). Hadith and Quran have described all the important nights of worship. For example, worship in the nights of...
Friday Khutba
The best provision is Taqwa, so fear Me, O people of intelligence, (al Baqarah, verse 197) The Prophet (Peace be upon him) used to encourage his companions to recite the above supplication on a regular basis. Allah has mentioned the virtues of Taqwa and encouraged us to ask Allah to provide us Taqwa. There are two popular supplications asking Allah for Taqwa. Allahumma Inni As’aloka, al huda, wattuka, wal afafa, wal Ginah. O Allah I ask you to give...