"and We have created you in pairs"
Al Qur'an 78:8
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40 Years :: Single Aged 26+
My Sister Saima age 37 years, a family oriented homely girl with a degree in Arts from Mumbai University, knows Islam according to Qur’an and...
35 Years :: Single Aged 26+
United States of America
I am becoming better at practicing Islam. I read Quran everyday even if I can read one ayah. I am easy going but get angry...
31 Years :: Single Aged 26+
Am practicing Muslim that wants to be a better Muslim so that I impact into people's lives....be the change around me...
41 Years :: Polygyny
I m salafi muslims married no children my wife is ok with my second marriage be my second wife in dunya and akhirah...
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After delivery of a child, women are exempted from praying for 40 days, how true...
Every female has to undergo three types of bleeding: Menses It is a bleeding that occurs from the age of puberty till she becomes old. It differs from woman to woman and extends from three days to even several days. Menses is considered unclean but this uncleanliness is not like it is considered in other social cultures. The Bani Israel did not allow women to sleep on the mattress nor allowed to sit with others. She was also banned from entering the...
Can the meat of sacrificed animal be given to a Non-Muslim friends? (Eid ul Adha)
This is a strange question. Some people just burst out - do not give the meat of sacrificed animal to any non-Muslim. There are no categories of deserving or non-deserving when it comes to distribution of the sacrificial meat. You may give a part of meat to your Non-Muslim friends, if you are aware that they eat non-veg food. There is no prohibition in shariah that prevents Muslims to share the meat with non Muslims. The Ummah is unanimously...
I am house wife with four kids. My Husband is fond of his fellow female...
Alhamdulillah Wassalatu Wassalam Ala Rasulillah! If a Muslim is a Mo'min (a true Believer), then it is essential for him to observe the Islamic etiquette, and he should not be careless about it even minutely. It is one of the conditions of Imaan that a person should consider any evil as evil and goodness as good. There is a hadith narrated by Abu Umama and other Sahaba including Umar bin Al Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him), which goes like...
Friday Khutba
O you who have believed, avoid much (negative) assumption, Indeed some assumptions are sin ( Al-Hujarat, 49: 12) Possessing an optimistic assumption about Allah is one the finest act of worship (Sunan Tirmidhi) It is one of the foundations of faith that one should harbor a very beautiful attitude towards his creator. Harboring an optimistic view about Allah is one the finest act of worship says Sunan Tirmidhi quoting the Prophet (peace be upon him). One should never...