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United Arab Emirates
39 Years Old
Bachelor Degree Finance
Single Parent
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United Kingdom
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English, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati
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Single Parent
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Divorcee, Single Parent, Widow, Single Aged 26+, New Muslim,
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United Arab Emirates
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Family only
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Your Father’s Profession
My father is retired since the last 2 years. He used to work for a govt organization in Dubai.
Your Fathers Educational Qualifications
Bachelor Degree
How many Sisters do you have?
No Sister
How many Brothers do you have?
Do you live with your parents or other family member?
Both Parents
Your Highest Qualification
Bachelor Degree
Other Qualifications
Business management
Would you like to study more, If yes, then what would it be?
Yes, I would like to specialise in Islamic banking and finance. I would also love to gain more knowledge of our deen, and join up for some courses in the near future, in sha Allah.
Are you working?
Your Designation
Assistant manager
The industry you are working in
Experience in the field
6-10 years
Does your profession include a lot of traveling?
Once in a year
What are your professional goals in life? Long term & Short term
Will fill this later
Your Passion in life?
How often do you pray Salah?
Obligatory & Voluntary
Do you wear Hijaab?
Do you wear Nikaab?
Do you want your spouse to have a beard?
Its upto him
Do you attend Islamic Courses or Lectures & have you attended Islamic courses in past? If yes, give details
Yes, I have been an active member and was working for a leading Dawah organisation in the UK, dealing with new Muslims and promoting dawah.
Religiously – What can you offer your spouse?
I can offer loyalty, companionship, being a good listener and always being there through the ups and downs in life, I can be a friend more than anything, while practicing our deen and striving to be better muslims.
Religiously – What are you expecting from your spouse?
I want my spouse to be a practicing Muslim, at least fulfilling the obligatory duties in Islam, like praying 5 times a day, reading Quran, fasting, has completed or planning to go for hajj/umrah. I would like my spouse to join me in acquiring knowledge of our religion, attend lectures and courses with me.
Who are your favorite contemporary Islamic personalities?
Dr Bilal Phillips, Dr zakir naik, Mufti Menk, Shk Abdur raheem green, Mohammed Tim Humble, Shk Hussein yee
Your favourite Islamic books? Audio Cds etc
Many of them
Do you listen to music?
Do you Fast?
All Obligatory
I have memorized around Surahs
I recite Quran
I have read Quran with translation
I have read the Seerah of the Prophet
Write an introductory description about yourself exclusively for your future spouse?
Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. I am 35, Asian-British (of Indian origin), mum of two children aged 5 and 10. I currently reside in Dubai, UAE, with my parents. I am the eldest of three siblings (I have 2 brothers), and I come from a Sunni practising, conservative and educated family background. My family originally hails from North India, and we speak these languages - Hindi, Urdu and Gujarati. I observe the hijab and abaya, and I try to pray regularly on time, Alhamdulillah. In the past, I have been involved in Dawah activities and dealing with new Muslim sisters, while volunteering for a leading Islamic Dawah organisation in the UK. I love listening to Islamic lectures occasionally and have attended a few as well. I have been blessed to have performed Umrah twice, Alhamdulillah, and wish to perform Hajj with my spouse in the near future, in sha Allah. I believe these are the basics things that I follow, and I would love to gain more knowledge on our religion, in sha Allah. I believe that true happiness can be achieved through simple things in life, and am truly grateful to Allah swt for all that he has blessed me with, including the trials and the lessons learnt. I am a shy and a reserved person generally, but i do love to engage in long, meaningful conversations with my family and close friends. I am an avid nature-lover and do love to travel, and have been to some parts of Europe and Asia. My hobbies also include reading, cooking, long drives along the countryside, going for long walks along the beach, watching sunsets and admiring Allah's creations. I am genuinely looking for a spouse, who would be my partner in this world, and in Jannah, in sha Allah. Someone who would be my best friend, who is well educated and has a good character and akhlaaq, who is able to communicate openly, and is loyal, humble, gentle, compassionate, honest and understanding. He should be a practising Muslim with a similar mindset like mine, who would strive to please Allah first and foremost. He should be someone with good family values who knows how to lead his family on the deen, and jointly strive to attain the pleasure of Allah and Jannah, in sha Allah. Marraige is a partnership, and I would like to grow with my spouse, in attaining knowledge of our deen, and striving to be better muslims. The biggest blessings in my life are my children, and i want my future spouse to be a father-figure in their lives, someone as a role model whom they can look up to. (Please note that I am not looking for someone to support my children financially. More details can be discussed later) Ideally, I would prefer someone from the UK or Canada, who is settled or willing to settle in the UAE (for a few years). Please feel free to message for any further questions or clarifications, and myself or my wali will be able to answer them for you. Jazak Allah Khairan.
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