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Will you not Accept her!

by: mybetterhalf

Many Muslim men pass over the profiles of revert Muslimah and ignore them for marriage when they search for a spouse in a Muslim marriage website. They prefer a girl with an Islamic background or Muslim parents, but

  • Reverts deserve more than sympathy
  • She rejected her belief
  • She would not worship her Gods any more
  • She walked out of her culture and traditions
  • She left her family
  • She bade goodbye to her liberal lifestyle
  • She embraced Islam
  • She has spiritually migrated from Shirk to Touhid
  • She has sought refuge with Allah from shirk
  • She worships only Allah
  • She has dressed up in Islamic cultural and traditional attire
  • She is studying Deen
  • She has walked into your society
  • She is waiting at your doorstep
  • She is lonely