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Your Questions - April, 2020

How to inculcate Taqwa?

Answered by: Sheikh Zafar ul Hasan

Ramadan and Taqwa:

The main objective of fasting (in Ramadan) is attainment of Taqwa. It is impossible to seek success (of both worlds) without Taqwa, so we should know….

What attributes to inculcate to attain Taqwa?

Fearing Allah alone, we can refrain from all sins and do all good if we are able to inculcate the attributes mentioned in Al-Imran by Allah SWT۔

  1.  Spending in the way/ cause of Allah SWT, in ease and hardship alike, only to avoid displeasure/ anger of Allah SWT.
  2. To restrain your anger, only to seek pleasure of Allah SWT۔
  3. To pardon other people, only to seek forgiveness of Allah SWT۔
  4. Using "Ihsan" in your daily dealings is an important virtue of Muttaqeen (doers of good).