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"I would meet my father in a beautiful garden."

Education Posted by BinteAbdulRasheedAnonymous Thu 02, Sep 2021
One brother narrates: I was making Wudu' for Jum'ah prayer where I found a kid, whom I thought he is just playing around. 
But when I heard him counting 1 2 3 for washing "Wudu' body parts", surprisingly I said to him: "Oh, mashaa Allah your making the wudu' v well." 
"Yes, it is very easy. But, the issue is when I come to pray with you at men's lines, they take me back to pray with kids playing backward. I only want to pray not to play." The kid said.  
I told him it is better for you to pray next to your father. 
"My father passed away and I came with my mother who is praying at the women designated area. She told me to pray with men. She also told me if I did so, I would meet my father in a beautiful garden." The kid added. 

Oh Allah bless every righteous parent who brings up a righteous offspring 
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