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Kullah sihr of separation 

Muslim Marriages Posted by ZyahAnonymous Fri 15, Jan 2021
Salamaliakam i have been married 5 years with my wife and unfortunately the marriage is coming to a end my wife has applied for a kullah through a shariah court.. i am being blamed for things in my marriage i was not in control of.. i have been afflicted with sihr for the last 5 years on and off i have had many ruqyah sessions removing jinns being possessed unfortunately my wife does not understand even when there is overwhelming evidence.. recently me and wife broke up before she left i fell seriously ill i made her aware of the sihr which had came back but she refused to listen having arguments and left.. while away she met me behind her parents back on three occasions and wanted to come home but her parents refused to let her return i also have a daughter with her just over a year old..i was angry and gave my wife divorce over txt message while having a bad argument for her refusing to return home after the third occasion..i came to realise something was wrong having sleepless nights with nightmares being unable to pray salah my mouth would shut i couldnt recite Quran i knew what it it was it had come back again.. i then seeked professional help to find a expert shariah council dealing with sihr using ruqyah which i finally did Alhamdulillah.. the sheikh booked me appointment and said before we take anything further i will have to come in for a session.. i drove to the sheikh as soon as i went to his home i was feeling as tho i didnt want to be there I wanted to run away he came inside the room and all of a sudden i was possessed I started snarling at the sheikh.. he sat down and immediately started the session reciting Quran over me at this point i was losing control he asked what are you jinn or satan speak? The jinn was aggressive and was cursing Allah and was refusing to answer questions the sheikh went to war until after some time it was weak finally it confessed and said it was a a ifrit descendant of iblis and was sent to break my marriage up it was forced to leave and finally left.. the sheikh contacted my wife immediately and explained everything in writing messages and email and requested her to contact them she ignored my sheikh and failed all attempts to contact them and now filed for a kullah.. i had the letter sent to me and explained to the council that there is already a ongoing case why are u sending me letters when my wife has ignored my shariah council for so many months? they wanted proof i sent them all the relevant details including my sheikhs contact number etc and still had the nerve to send me a second letter saying contact us i called them again and had a argument telling them they are harassing me and are ignorant.. i find this fraudulent and immoral for a shariah council to take on this kullah on especially when sihr was diagnosed and proven to be the problem by my shariah council it seems as tho they are ignorant and dont have a clue what they are doing.  Im still unwell having treatment unfortunately it seems as tho the satan has one with a fraudulent kullah being accepted is there anything i can do to stop this? 

Jzk wslaam
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