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True happiness doesnt lie in wealth

Muslim Marriages Posted by DeemaAnonymous Thu 07, Jul 2022
Asslamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Marrying

  a man who is a primary school certificate holder doesn't mean you will live in perpetual poverty. Marrying a professor doesn't automatically mean you will enjoy wealth. Our provisions are not dependent upon our certificates. Whoever has been destined for wealth, must become rich even if he never experienced nursery school education, and whoever is destined to be poor won't escape it, even if his CV is as much as the size of a newspaper. 
Asma bint Abibakr was married at a time when her husband Zubayr had no property on earth, neither slaves nor riding animals, she used to treck several miles in the hot afternoon carrying dates on her head, yet later on her husband became stupendously rich that he died leaving behind 11 houses, 2 huge lands, and each of his four wives became millionaires overnight, yet they started as a poor couple feeding from hand to mouth. 
Who would ever imagine that the wealthy Abdulrahman ibn Auf will end up Marrying the poor sister of Bilal ibn Rabah ?  
Why didn't he marry a fellow wealthy woman of the Ansar like Umm Shareek who was heavily loaded with cash, so that their wealth would multiply?  
And why was the likes of Hind bint Utbah married to the Leader of Quraysh (Abu Sufyan ibn Harb) who had the wealth of Macca under his control, yet he was stingy towards his wife?  His wife didn't benefit from his wealth except a little. 
You may marry a rich man for his wealth, but you won't gain from it except a little, and you may marry a poor man who spends all his little cash on you. 
So if your husband is a manual laborer or an artisan, appreciate him, love him and be grateful to him, all women can't be married to wealthy men, don't be ashamed of your husband because he is a bus driver or a carpenter. If he is destined to be wealthy, he won't die until he tastes wealth. 
So, bother yourself about his Deen and character, as for wealth, it's also important, but not a priority, he may be rich today and poor tomorrow, he may be employed today and sacked tomorrow, he may be paying salaries today and be waiting for salary someday, wealth fluctuates and poverty fluctuates, leave it to Allah and ask for a partner who will complete your Deen, and not the one who will take you to shop-rite every weekend. 
May Allah grant us the best of spouses,  Ameen
 A received forward
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