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Who is stealing your marital happiness?

Muslim Marriages Posted by MBHEditorialAnonymous Thu 31, Oct 2019
 The Qur’an assures - In your spouses you have a source of peace- Surah Rum, verse 21. Then why do modern Muslim marriages fail in large numbers? Who are the culprits responsible for storms in marital life? Based on my observation and studies, I have a list of things that sours the happiness in marital life. 

  1. Carrying office tensions at home
  2. Over expectations and impractical wishes from each other
  3. Gossiping and backbiting about in laws
  4. Bitter criticism of each other
  5. Grading the performance of  each other every now and then along with comparison with other people’s spouses
  6. Absence of children for a long time
  7. Overload of works thrusted upon wife with no cooperation from in laws.
The above complaints are commonly received by counselors and elders of the family. Maybe you could be having some more inputs. Let us have them here.

by Nisaar Nadiadwala
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