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I don't know what to do :( 

Muslim Marriages Posted by ILoVeuAllahAnonymous Sun 16, Aug 2020
Assalamualaykum my dear brothers and sisters i hope you are all well and in a good place even with everything that is going on. 

I am alhamdullilah a young woman who has been married for 4 years, with 2 beautiful children Alhamdullilah. My husband and i really loved and I believe still really do love each other despite what is happening. We are both from different cultures but they are close and my husband is a revert MashaAllah very kind hearted sweet individual, his mother is a Muslim who is married  to  a Christian man but i think nothing of it as long as my husband  is a practicing Muslim i payed no mind. From the beginning my MIL could not stand me, so obvious to me but he was very obvious which makes sense that's your mom so I left it. She invited us to stay with her while he works and I thought nothing of it I thought she is old wants to spend time with her grandkids why not. Easily the dumbest decision I have ever made in my life for this had ruined my marriage. Id miss my husband but he'd come and I'd run they are nice when he is around but when he is not so rude to me like i'm some slave and I just took it for them , tried my best to connect and be sweet even though she dislikes my cutlure who helps her country so still makes no sense. I will attach what I found next to my bed one day at her home , sometimes I would leave her home to see my family for about a week or 2 and come back she was in our room no privacy at all touching out stuff. So one day i find that bag of what I have attached and the father comes running down i asked what is that he jokingly laughed and said Marijuana , i didn't laugh then he said oh I've been looking for it we use it back home to make liqor. I  thought nothing  of it went about my day , then the mother brings it up again in the evening by her daughter asking her mommy what is this while smiling and the mom said oh it's for my tea I mix it and what not but I still found that weird but thought nothing of it. After all that I felt I was going crazy, constantly sweating something wrong but Dr said im fine I thought i just had a baby may i am suffering   pofromst partum went   to the Dr almost every other day he kept saying your healthy your fine dont worry. Nightmares accusing my husband of cheating constantly i felt i was going crazy so my mother decided to get Quan read  on   me and Alhamdullilah i felt much better was praying which she did not like in her home it was very obvious. Whenever I spoke about religion she almost hated it so I just left her alone and spoke about whatever she wanted to speak about. Now my husband loved me so much one day he just says I hate u divorce  me    I can't stand seeing your face and whenever I'd come home he'd leave. He drinks now , talks to other women, takes drugs and goes to work he loves his kids but has nothing for me  but ok no problem. I started praying more and more and finally met a shiek who told me i have sihr so I started to protect my children and I and throw out everything she was so eager for us to take because I purposely left certain things there that she had gifted me but she was very take it take it. Now my husband still has not divorced me alhamdullilah but I am trying to get him to get Quran read on him and he keeps going back and forth on that i was hesitant on telling him because that's somebody's family i just told him anyways and I think he thinks im crazy but that's ok the truth will be revealed inshaAllah and I just want him to get Quran whether he divorces or not just for his own good.  I find it weird that she had a lot of Muslim family members come and then the cut her off just up and left same with her brothers wife wants nothing to do with them but they blamed it on her kids being Christian but when i was getting married she never even met me she sent me a gift. I find all this too weird but now that I'm away from her I am better but the stress of my husband   
is bothering me because this isn't him it cannot be. When you no longer love someone you just act normal towards them he goes out of his way to constantly tell me the hatred he has for me, which makes no sense. One day she also asked for pictures of our son from birth to date and I was thinking its grandma they love to see them just send it, within a few weeks my son became very ill. This entire situation is weird and what im asking today my dear brother and sisters what should I do? In regards to my husband should I let him just divorce or try the Quran and also can a shiek tell you you have sihr ? He said we are at a point of no return they know everything it's over and when i spoke with her she had a smile on her face saying you know you have a good heart go raise your kids alone many single moms go to school. Then after that she always had her husband calling my mom and me she stopped showing her face. This all so weird and cannot be a coincidence I am at a loss of weird how a human can be like this for what ? Why? I am so young and my babies aren't even 3 yet they are so young they have their entire lives ahead of them. I also noticed they are asking him for money ignroing when he speaks about his kids and i just dont see how they don't see it. Can a shiek identify who did the sihr and why? I am just very confused and drained. I want what's best for my kids this entire situation is killing me inside and out and draining me.  Please advise me my brothers and sisters I'd appreciate it JazakAllah Khair 
Your troubled sister 
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