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Your Questions - May, 2020
Q: How should we offer Eid ul fitr Prayer?
Q: When should we recite Takbiraat?
Q: What is Laylatul Qadr?
Q: What are the qualities of Qur'an?
Q: On which night does the Night of Qadr fall on?
Q: What should a fasting person do if someone starts a fight/quarrel with him?
Q: If a fasting person does not pray, listens to songs and back bites others, would his fast be accepted?
Q: Does the Night of Qadr rotate every year or is it a fixed night of Ramadan?
Q: Is Itikaf obligatory?
Q: How can we prepare for Ramadan?
Q: How can we get more out of Ramadan?
Q: Can an injection be taken while fasting?
Q:  A patient of Asthma can have an asthmatic attack anytime. If while fasting, he gets an asthmatic attack, can he use his inhaler?
Q: Are the fasts of the poor better than the fasts of the rich?
Your Questions - April, 2020
Q: What is the importance of reciting/reading Quran in Ramadan?
Q: What is the importance of Tawbah in Ramadan?
Q: Is fasting obligatory for all Muslims?
Q: What are the six attributes of Muttaqeen?
Q: If while fasting, the gums bleed and the person swallows the blood, would it break the fast?
Q: How to inculcate Taqwa?