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Your Questions - February, 2016
Q: My husband recently told me he likes someone in his workplace. He says that even my broken nail has not touched her but I do have feelings for her. He ensured me that you are still in my heart and "I love you" and in no way no way I am putting  you down.  He is Masha Allaah a very pious, loving, caring, and thoughtful husband. We have been married for Masha Allah 10 years with ups and down but never with something that can't be overcome. At first it was shocking for me, I did fight that night but after that I am trying to be loving, responsible and make things work. I joke about it some times, taunt him and I pray Allah for His help and mercy. I can't tell it to other people, I don't want to put my relationship bad in other people eyes and I don't trust people. Guide me how to help him overcome it. Any help and support will be appreciated and your site seems better to me to get third person perspective. Waiting for your response. Thank you
Q: I have been married for nearly 20 years. Since moving into a new house, my husband has completely changed for the worse. I have watched your videos on evil eye and magic. How will I be able to determine whether one of these things have occurred? Thank you
Q: I am a 37 years old Doctor with specialist degree in paediatrics. My Husband and I have 2 sons. I have recently moved from Europe to Middle East. I suffer from chronic back ache diagnosed as Slip Disc and have been given multiple medications but to no avail. And the issue is getting worse overtime. I have also been advised surgery by some practitioners. Apart from this I had done Istikhara for the relocation and my health which resulted in a horrible dream. I am also practicing Ruqyah and was attending Hijama Sessions which too did not lead to any results. I mainly want to be able to distinguish if my physical ailments are just a medical issue or does this have any correlation with my relocation or other factors as such Evil Eye, Magic, Jealousy etc. As they all coincide and my health is medical condition is getting worse. I was a focused career woman who used to multitask but now a days I am just confined to the home loosing productivity and also finding it difficult to fulfill my religious duties. Hoping to hear from you soon.