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Your Questions - May, 2017
Q: Clearing Misconceptions: Are the virtues of Ramadan divided during the month?
Q: These days there are many difficulties arising due to Joint family System which also leads to break in marriages. What is the ruling?
Q: How to motivate a child to be regular in prayers?
Q: My husband who has lost his job and remains tensed. I would like to know if there is any supplication that which I can recite on his behalf
Q: Due to a recent surgery, I can not bend, or raise my feet. Is it ok for me to splash water on my feet without touching them till i recover? Also, I have missed some prayers while i was under the influence of anesthesia. Should I offer only Fardh, or Sunnah too , to make up for them?
Your Questions - April, 2017
Q: Nowadays, it is becoming widespread in families and outside to label each other. Is it alright to label somebody as a Hypocrite if we see the signs of Nifaq (Hypocrisy) in his words and actions?
Your Questions - March, 2017
Q: After delivery of a child, women are exempted from praying for 40 days, how true is that? Also, does one have to make up for the prayers missed during menstruation?
Your Questions - October, 2016
Q: A woman has committed a grievous sin, like adultery, what are the ways before her for being forgiven?
Q: When is it necessary to perform ruqyah on children, and how should it be done?
Your Questions - September, 2016
Q: Children as young as 8 years have started speaking lies even though they are repeatedly being warned of the punishment of Allah. How can we deal with it?
Your Questions - August, 2016
Q: My wife and I had a quarrel but it took a bitter turn when she complained to a local social service. Now as per our local law I am not even permitted to go near to my wife even though our marriage is 12 years old and we have kids. I feel that it is injustice hammered upon me as I am unable to meet her and desperately miss my children. I desire for a reconciliation and want my family to re-unite again. Where did we go wrong in the whole process?
Your Questions - July, 2016
Q: It is well known that Allah has forbidden to lie but can one do when it is a question of life and death? How should I deal when I fear a humiliation upon speaking truth?
Your Questions - June, 2016
Q: My wife doesn’t want to have children right now or even in the coming year. She is passionate to work in her profession. However, as everyone aspires to be father, I also want to be a father. My wife is a good person but cries that I am putting pressure on her and I don’t want to see her crying as well. I don't know how to reach a common ground or handle this issue smoothly.
Your Questions - May, 2016
Q: I don't like my wife, how to deal with these feelings?
Your Questions - April, 2016
Q: I am facing lot's of problems in getting married. Is it due to black magic or possession? Pls help
Q: My husband was away from me for few months. He is a very good father, son and husband but my friend's wife came in relationship with my husband behind me n her husband. Now my husband has confessed this and is guilty about it. I have forgiven him as I don't want to spoil my kids life.  But whenever I'm close to husband I think of that lady and fight with him. As that lady told me that she is not guilty and I should be. I am depressed can't sleep or behave properly. That lady is in my mind, pls guide.
Q: Whenever I am teaching my son and if he makes many mistakes, I become mad and hit him very hard. Later I do regret it too. I didn't like my mother when used to hit me from childhood till 19 years and I feel I am just like her and hate it. I have an abusive marriage too and my husband doesn't show care or help, he prefers his sleep and other things over our kid and family.  I am living a life of single parent. I hate to hit my kid and want something that can help. I consulted a psychiatrist but he gave me tranquilizers that I don't want to take because it makes me dizzy all the time and doesn't work very well.  May Allaah bless me with patience and control my anger but I just can't help it. Please reply.
Your Questions - March, 2016
Q: I am house wife with four kids. My Husband is fond of his fellow female colleagues. He spends most of his time chatting with them or doing things out of the way. My Husband and kids had always been centre of my attention. I have tried many ways to be his friend and build up communication. I feel extreme loneliness. If my parents would have been alive I would have divorced this man.  A Wife's Concern about her husband being liberal with Non-Mahram Females
Q: I received a proposal through a relative and we were allowed to know each other. After knowing, I approved of this guy to get married to as his character pleased me. When my family started further enquiring they found his income was not comfortable to them and they declared that he wouldn't be able to keep me happy. And this has disturbed me really. I mean I found all that I needed, Alhamdulillah,  I said 'yes'.  I really want to marry this guy but family is totally against it. Allah is The source of provider. Do I have no right to get married to who I want to get married to in terms of shariah or should I obey my mother and my folks.  I had discussed with him of me observing niqaab and he was happy with it. When I asked him of what kind of spouse he prefers to have or he expects out of her to which he only said he liked someone one who supports him in good and bad.  He was calm, sweet, understanding and craves to learn Islam more.  My choice is this guy and I dont want to look further to any proposals.  I tried convincing my family but instead they went on to disgracing me that I'm supporting the guy.  I feel so low. Please help me...
Q: My wife does not offers prayers and disobeys me most of the time. I have always been helping her in managing the home like I cook sometimes, look after our 3 year old daughter, take her to shop, to her parents and parks and spends on what ever she desires but I am still being disobeyed. I work from home online in the evening and during that time she yells at the kid and sometimes disturbs me by asking to take her outside the home. I have tried to make her understand about it several time by patience, anger and harshly but invain. I am sick of her t.v and mobile game addiction. She does not give enough time to the kid but very little. She even asks me most of the time what to feed the baby. She seems to be used to or ignorant to my words.